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Relocation made easy

We’re the best match for your relocation needs if you recognise yourself in one of these categories.

Please note: we currently cannot assist with finding a job!

You have found a job
in the Netherlands

You need help with all the paperwork surrounding a visa application, finding a home and more

You already live in the Netherlands and need assistance

You want to make changes in your current living situation when it comes to housing, work and immigration status. 

You want to move to the Netherlands with your partner

You need advice on the partner visa or verification against EU law, or want an expert to help you apply.


The pricing packages are flexible and suitable for both individuals and businesses.


€ 500

Ideal if you have a handful of questions, and would rather have some guidance from our end.

  • 1-hour consultation call
  • Consultation on 3 questions
  • Advanced Newcomer’s Navigator


Managed Relocation

€ 5.000

For a stress-free move and settling in.

  • Visa application | Unlimited support
  • 30% tax ruling application
  • Support with finding housing
  • Insurance | utility | bank account application


From our Co-Founder

I moved to the Netherlands with my husband and our dog in spring of 2021, and that was one of the most stressful (and the most rewarding) experiences of my life. For the move, I navigated the buraucratic labyrinth of acquiring a residency permit on my own. In the meantime, I’ve found a job, bought an appartment, and finally feel settled in. So I decided to help others with this exciting but stressful journey!

I believe that moving to a different country should be a fulfilling adventure, and not a complicated bureaucratic process.


Co-Founder MoveToNL

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