About us

About us

Meet the small, but mighty team behind MoveToNL


Kirsten Freichmann

Kris is the ‘Legal Eagle’ of our team, who tends to make paperwork fun. She is amazing at making complex concepts seem simple. She has a rich experience in Human Resources management in quickly growing scale-ups, as well as established corporations.

Kris’ expertise

  • Global Mobility – Visa application and process management;
  • Project based (Legal and HR) support in global and cross functional teams;
  • Implementation and drafting of internal inhouse regulations and policies regarding labor law on a global scale 


Jelena Mikić

Jelena studied to become a journalist, but has since then dabbled in event management, marketing, client relations, and eventually employment law and relocation operations.


The small and mighty Pip, who is known for stealing everyones heart (and occasional a sock or two). But let’s be honest, how can you ever deny such a cute face! Pip is still a rowdy teenager, so if you see Kris disappearing from a meeting – it’s probably because he’s gotten himself into trouble somehow.


The branch manager of MoveToNL, known for her words of wisdom. She’s best at reminding us all to take regular breaks. Nora had a stressful time moving to the Netherlands, and is the main reason we’re passionate about making pet relocation as smooth and simple as possible!

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