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Doing seamless business in The Netherlands

We recognise the obstacles encountered by businesses when venturing into a different country and workforce. We are dedicated to facilitate a trouble-free adaption to the Netherlands.

Relocating employees to the Netherlands

You need help with all the paperwork surrounding a visa application, 30% tax ruling and want to know all ins and outs of your employee landing in a new country

Creating internal policies and drafting employee contracts

You want to create compliant contracts and/or draft policies such as a Health & Safety – or Code of Conduct Policy that comply with Dutch law

You want support with international projects or opening of a Dutch entity

You need advice on different types of legal entities or answers to your tax -and legal questions concerning venturing new markets and countries


From our Co-Founder

As a flexible HR department, I ensure smooth employee relocation to the Netherlands, maintaining compliance with local laws. With my experience as a global HR consultant, I specialize in helping both small startups and big companies. I know how to make international transfers easier and smoother for everyone involved.

If your company needs assistance with making transitions easier and complying with the complicated laws in the Netherlands, you can rely on me to provide those services.


Co-Founder MoveToNL

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